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Le batterie Saft superano la prova del tempo sui treni finlandesi a due piani, destinati ai pendolari

VR Group, a Finnish railway operator, relies on Saft nickel batteries to guarantee the reserve power on board its two-storey electric passenger trains since the late 1990s. Rigorous laboratory tests carried out as part of the Saft customer support program confirm that the batteries will continue to guarantee top-level performance over the expected duration of 20 years.

Reliable service despite the harsh winter conditions in Finland

The Finnish railway network consists of 5919 km of railway lines serving all major cities and numerous rural areas. 

The country's passenger train service is operated by the public company VR Group and carries more than 75 million people each year.

The reliability and services of VR Group enjoy a high reputation thanks to the extremely efficient management of trains even in Lapland, near the Arctic Circle, where in winter temperatures can drop to -30 ° C. The record recorded at the most northern railway station in Finland was -50.5 ° C in 1999.

The batteries on board the VR Group trains - in short

  • The first batteries were installed in 1997
  • A battery in every carriage
  • 230 carriages in total
  • Battery task - emergency reserve up to 3 hours

The backup batteries guarantee three hours of autonomous operation

To the difficult environmental conditions of Finland, a reliable reserve power supply is essential to guarantee the continuity of the privileged loads, in case of interruption of the power supply by catenary. It is not a simple matter of comfort and convenience: at the risk may be the lives of passengers themselves.

VR Group relies on the batteries installed on board to guarantee up to three hours of reserve power for services such as: emergency lighting, communication, door operation, heating and ventilation - all the more important services in winter in the event of a stop or failure of a train between two stations.

Verification tests confirm the performance of Saft SRM batteries

Saft SRM batteries, specific for railway use, have proved to be the ideal choice for VR Group because they are designed to offer extreme reliability thanks to the robust construction, which uses sintered / plastic bonded technology for plates. PBE). Nickel-based technology is not subject to "sudden death" and ensures a long service life with minimal maintenance.

As part of its customer service program, Saft carried out tests on batteries sampled by the VR Group fleet.

After having subjected them to rigorous mechanical and electrical tests in the high-tech laboratories of their Bordeaux factories, the conclusion was that even after more than 17 years of operation, the capacity of the batteries was intact. On the contrary, the results have been decidedly higher than expected, given that the service life has exceeded the expected 15 years (+ 33%) by 5 years.

Saft SRM batteries for Finnish trains in short

  • Robust single-cell construction with S / PBE technology
  • Reduced maintenance requirements - topping up with water every 12 months and reconditioning every 5-7 years
  • Extraordinary loading in a large window of time
  • Reliable operation at temperatures between -50 ° C and + 70 ° C
  • Duration of 20 years confirmed by laboratory tests

Le batterie Saft hanno dato prova di prestazioni e affidabilità eccezionali sui nostri treni a due piani e i risultati dei test di laboratorio non ci hanno dunque sorpreso. È bello sapere che grazie alla maggior durata delle batterie, dovremo sostituirle solo una volta nel corso dei 40 anni di vita del materiale rotabile.

Mika Peräkylä esperto tecnico VR Group, sistemi elettrici


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